Martrix concept Round on the outside, square in the inside Taikiken Han Zen - fighting standing pole (meditatie in vechthouding) Taikiken Ritsu Zen, Standing Zen Health posture (Staande Zen gezondheid stand) Taikiken Hachidankin, Draw the bow to the left and right Martrix concept Round on the outside, square in the inside
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Photographs and films: R. Nansink, N. Kotrchova Illustrations:  Rinus Schulz
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Taikiken trainingen in Amsterdam

Martial Art in Management Training | Int. Taikiken workshops

Belicon Trampoline Ancient Taoism in Contemporary Management Training & Martial Art
Modified on:  23 September 2014
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Amsterdam  1.02.2014  13:00-17:00 h. Den Haag     1.02.2014  11:30-17:30 h.
Rotterdam    5.02.2014  13:00-19:00 h.
Professional Nobodies
Professional Nobodies, the cradle for visionairs and global BrainQuakers.
Chinese Astrology
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Personal Training - Coaching

‘One to One’ Personal training or for small private groups of  max. 4 persons.
Taikiken training in Amsterdam - Autumn 2014
4 x Wednesday evenings    

#3 edition in period from: 24 September 2014  - 22 October 2014
!!!  NOT  on 15 OCTOBER 2014 (school holiday)
Place:  Marcanti college, Jan van Galenstraat 31, 1051 KM Amsterdam
Lesson start:  19.30 - 22.00 hour (!school is open from 19.15 h.!)
Price: € 52,- p.p. / workshop
Single lesson á € 15,-  evening
Application form           Inschrijfformulier