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Override your automatic behavior function and act with consciousness.

That is basically what being a warrior is all about. For example, there are enemies of the warrior. Don Juan is the Yaqui Indian teacher of Carlos Castaneda, talks about enemies of the warrior.
And the first enemy, he says, is fear. Fear is a terrible enemy. And if you give in to fear, then that is it. He says “your striving is ended, and the person just -- they do not get anywhere, they do not learn anything”. So Carlos says, "Well, what do you do if you are faced with fear?" He says, "You must be fully afraid and not give in, just move forward. And if you do that, eventually the fear will subside."

Discover more about the enemies of the warrior at the MartriX download page, there you find Wuyiquan And The Ancient Mexican Warrior Path, a compilation of the lessons of Don Juan covering all the enemies and much more, reading this stuff could give you a brain quake. The illustrations are made by Roland Nansink on return from Mexico, expressing his experiences of Intuitive Boxing training on several power spots as described in the stories.

The MartriX download page also offers  PDF files with excellent material to strengthen your mind. You will find, The Tao Te Ching The Classical Book, The Art Of War By Sun Tzu, Taoist Guidelines For a Peaceful Mind and more Files on Taoism and Health improvement.  
When the mind is in the right setting, life will follow suit.

The Shen or the “Spirit” in Men

The Chinese believe that a person composes 3 parts Shen (mind) and 7 parts Bao.
Thus, the Chinese proverb says:
“Evil  is afraid of man 7 times, while man is afraid of Evil 3 times”.

So long as a persons shen (mind) is strong, he is immune to Evil. The Evil doer would try to harm such a person at his own peril.
We all have seven Bao or seven Lifeguards, shielding our social and professional life.

1. Health; 2. Self-esteem; 3. Happiness; 4. Contact; 5. Career; 6. Freedom and 7. Master.
The seven Bao act as a Firewall, when all function properly we can consider our life and work being protected. If not, the challenge is to work on our weak Bao and strengthen them.
To do this does not only offers you training in physical martial art, but also in mental and spiritual forms. Intuitive Boxing envelopes a variety of methods to get the optimum result.

In matters concerning the essence of life it self, there are no holds barred.
Taoism Seven Lifeguards (Seven Bao)
Taikiken - Intuitive Boxing
The Seven Bao
Taoism 2. Self-esteem
Taoism 4. Contact
Taikiken - Intuitive Boxing
Taoism 5. Career
Taoism 6. Freedom
Taoism 7. Master
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Taoism Seven Lifeguards (Seven Bao)
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