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Real Life Spiritual Games can be great tools for more self management
We love to play Games, they can greatly improve our mental and physical skills. However be warned, there are people among us who take our mutual world as their personal playground, they willingly or unwillingly involve us in their private games, risking our precious health and happiness.

We should ask ourselves: Do we live a life of our own, or are others pulling the strings? Try to find out in which strategic games of lovers, family, friends, employers and governments, you unwanted and often totally unconscious play a manipulated role. Find out how much life force, happiness and passion that cost you.
Releasing yourself from any unwanted Matrix,  is the ultimate challenge for every Selfmanager.

MartriX Real Life Spiritual Games, are ancient and contemporary Combat Games in which Martial Arts and Chinese philosophy take up the battle against dominating, barbarous or gunny societies.

Martial Arts vs Matrix is the basic concept of MartriX and is rooted in the Taoist principles:

Release from the Matrix & Release the Past with fire.  

A Martial Artist is always searching for strength and the greatest strength to be re-found is a persons own inner imagination free of all enforced imagination of others.
A Matrix is a crystallized paradigm, a philosophical and theoretical framework that holds our experience together and creates a coherent picture of reality--a world view.

The mantra for Martial Artists should be: Own choice is worth thinking! But what is still your own choice, and what level of freedom of thinking is permitted? Freedom turns out to be subtle and fragile concept.

Playing games with others Self, some peoples favorite daily activity, is not only risky, but also very unethical hobby.
As a Selfmanager you are alert about your acts and deeds and strive with silent strength for freedom and Self mastery.
Industries and governments often operate out of a Matrix on the edge of mine and thine.
Many great thinkers of the past brain-quaked their minds on this subject.
Now a days brain-quaking movies like What the bleep do we know!? explore new paradigms to refresh our thinking.

The Now, our Status Quo is a collection of rules known as the Matrix an imaginary compilation of our combined thinking.  
How much choice do you really have, if you really want to be free? The ancient Taoist were convinced, that they had only one life, in the Now and that everything happened in that Now. History has brought us all the rules and regulations, the past is gone but the rules stayed. Our modern Now is a manipulated version of the our past, history repeats it self in a modern pretend.

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.” David Bohm

The goal is expose and liberate yourself  from habits of the mind, so that you are not just replaying tired assumptions and beliefs but thinking new thoughts and creating new neural networks together.

Taoists also had to deal with rules and habits of their social and cultural Now, they strived for total freedom within the system.
A difficult task if you understand that the most important rule of the game is tolerance, your freedom stop where others freedom start, and others freedom stop where yours start.
Often it seems easier to protect and respect the freedom of others, then claiming freedom for your Self.  
An awareness of being honest to your Self, if your inner peace, freedom or health is taken away by others, is hardly developed.
That is why guarding your Self, showing and protecting your borders is an important element of inner combat science.
Self defense is not only a way to inner peace, but also to protect the natural harmony with others we share this world with.
If you are fully aware that you defend your most inner Self, then you also are fully aware, that others do the same.
So the key for freedom and tolerance is that everybody must be able to be him or her Self without any form of coercion.
This consciousness, that billions and billions of different life forms of Self can live in Peace and Harmony together must come from deep within our intuitive awareness. You are so busy with surviving and keeping the ‘peace’ with your environment, that you do not get to real living. Surviving is a matter of much effort; real living comes from within and goes with effortless-effort. Effortless-effort is a characteristic of nature.
If you live in harmony with the basic principles of Life, you get into a talented state, that nowadays we call FLOW.

It is the dormant strength (Tao) which lives within you, and never force it self on you, but which is always willing to support you in creating a higher level of existence. To perceive this dormant strength and to hear the silent force of your inner inspiration, there is a lot of necessary work to do. In essence you have to give up all your conditioning and morphology even your common knowledge to become a harmonic part of the Whole. Life is abundance by nature. The only variable is our capacity to receive that abundance. This capacity is fully ruled by a variable: who and what your Self thinks to be. What do you consciously and unconsciously belief about your Self? How does that unconsciously lead to Self-sabotage and Self-weakening?
How do you slowly cut your Self off from the abundance of nature, Life itself?       
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