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MartriX designed an exclusive workshop - A 93 DAYS SABBATICAL LEAVE.

‘Walk Your Own Path’ is a unique 93-days workshop in Asia (India or Bali -Thailand-China.) It is a great opportunity for those who
want a lasting change in life style and or behavior, recharge their ‘batteries’ and experience ancient philosophies like Hinduism,
Buddhism and Taoism from the inside.

The program offers:
Internal and external martial arts training, qigong, mediation, yoga and ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage, Thai cooking and cleaning rituals. Physical and mental journey into one's primitive self, to find and grow his or her inherited natural talents. Visits to landmarks of the three ancient philosophies: Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. An energetic tropical environment that in a subtle and harmonized way forms a part of the Wuyiquan training.
Adventures hiking, exciting boat trips and magic ceremonies. Plenty of free time to relax on beaches, spa's or just do nothing.

The Sabbatical leave theme:
Walk Your Own Path is chosen because the aim of the workshop is to bring people back on their own path, which many have left during their career or private commitments. The sabbatical leave can be the beginning of a more self-driven way of living. During the many sub-workshops you can personally experience that life can be lived from many different perspectives.

Seven reasons to take our Sabbatical Leave:
1/ To recharge your batteries physically and mentally
2/ To take time for your self without feeling guilty.
3/ To find the pleasure, inspiration or creativity back in your work or private life.
4/ To prudent avoid burnout.
5/ To seek and find the balance between work and private.
6/ To accomplish long cherished wishes and dreams.
7/ To discover an other way of living or having enough time for foreign countries.   

Who can join our workshop?
Anyone who wants to work on self-improvement in an inspiring, relaxed and at the same time active way. People who are interested in ancient martial arts and other forms of health improvement and practice it on a daily base. Persons who want to speed up their comeback to society from a burnout, stress or being overworked.

Health conditions:
Prospect participants are advised to discuss their plan to join this sabbatical leave with their personal physician for a health checkup and medical advise on what vaccinations to take and what medicines to carry for a three month stay in Asia. They need general good health, so they will be able to carry their own backpack during trekking and walks, and can sit or sleep in a train or bus on longer trips. Participants need to be equipped with a good functioning internal digesting system which is able to process all kinds of delicious exotic food and survive on it.

Number of participants in the group:
We prefer to travel with a small group ranging from only 8 to 12 people. This provides the groups with a perfect combination of intimacy and flexibility. The small size of the group guarantees that everyone get his or her individual attention and personal coaching during the trip and training. This way we also can provide authentic cultural experiences and pleasant surprises that can only be enjoyed with a harmonized group. We allow the group to slow down and appreciate the unexpected and as much flexibility as possible within the arranged itinerary.

MartriX is not a travel agent
No 5 star hotels, comfortable limousines and glamorous tourist attractions! For this sabbatical leave we carefully selected places which still have a touch of the ancient atmosphere, some adventure in them and in the same time are save and comfortable for you so you can relax. We feel that this is a once in a life time opportunity to regenerate while you are traveling!

Date of departure and return
The workshop starts and ends in Amsterdam at Schiphol airport.
Departure is in February and return in June  

Flights included:
Amsterdam to Bangkok/Thailand - Chennai/India (or Bali) - Bangkok/Thailand - Chiangmai/Thailand - Kunming/China and from Chengdu/China - Bangkok/Thailand for our final flight back to Amsterdam.

Orientation time schedule and countries where we stay:  March  - Thailand; April  - Bali or India; May  - China       

Places to stay
Midrange hotels, bungalows and guesthouses in double rooms.

Price includes the return flight Amsterdam Bangkok, all flights in Asia, local transport, accommodation on base of double room, including breakfast, Wuyiquan/Taijiquan/qigong training and personal coaching, local workshops like yoga, ayurvedic massage/medicine, Thai boxing/massage/cooking, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cultural excursions and temple visits. For detailed info on the price send an e-mail to  

How to book the sabbatical leave?
If you are sure, that you like to join us for this workshop on location, sign-up by filling in the application form and send it to our address we will contact you to make an appointment for an intake and information consult.

More info?
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, please write to
... Click here for more info about  BALI!
On Bali you have opportunity to experience Hinduism. Bali daily life is into offering and prying. You will go trough a special Hindu ceremonies and cleaning rituals. Beside strengthening yourself in the fitness gym, you  will also experience Indonesian spiritual form of fighting - pentjack silat. Staying on Bali suppose to bring you into spiritual calm.
… Click here for more info about THAILAND!
For Buddhism we go to Thailand. There you can see Buddhist philosophy reflected in daily life and sport (Thai boxing). You will have opportunity to participate in the local courses like Thai boxing, Thai cooking, Thai massage or meditation, which can give you something you can apply in your own life.

Click here for more info about CHINA!                                                         
Finally in China we will enjoy Taoism. Taoism was a Chinese indigenous religion which was founded in the Han dynasty. The Chinese literature master, Lu Xun once said: "China roots deep in Taoism. If one tries to comprehend Chinese history and culture, he must comprehend Taoism first." We will visit Taoist temples and holy mountains, train internal forms of martial art like wuyiquan and taijiquan and Chinese qigong forms for health improvement.

Click here for more info about  INDIA!
In South India we will research Hinduism from the inside, you will closely witness Hindu ceremonies and rituals. You will be introduced to yoga practice and undergo ayurvedic medicine. Your stay in India will spiritually enrich you and is a good start on the way of health improvement.
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