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MartriX, Martial arts and  Managementtraining development
The collected Translations of Thomas Cleary volume I. - IV.
Thomas Cleary - volume one
Thomas Cleary - volume two
Thomas Cleary - volume three
Thomas Cleary - volume four
Tao Te Ching.
Cleary's original translation of the great classic of Taoism accompanied by his commentary illuminating the text and its context.

The "Inner Teachings" of a widely influential compendium of wisdom stories, fables, and anecdotes.

Another great classic of Chinese Taoism containing teachings also attributed to the author of the Tao Te Ching

The Book of Leadership and strategy.
Translations from the great Chinese classic Huainanzi, exploring the subtle arts of management and leadership at all levels.

Sex, Health, and Long Life.
Five texts (from the famous Mawangdui finds of 1973-74) that reveal the transformative influence sex can have when wisely practiced.
Understanding Reality.
A tenth-century text on the principles of inner alchemy.
The complete or “real” human being is considered a balanced combination of two levels of experience; this is expressed in the Taoist slogan ”being beyond the world while living in the world.” Thus to maintain contact with the higher, vaster dimension of “celestial” consciousness while at the same time living effectively in the “earthly” domain is one meaning of blending or uniting Yin and Yang.

The Inner Teachings of Taoism.
The essentials of self-transformation according to the Complete Reality School of Taoism, with commentary by Liu I-ming.

The Book of Balance and Harmony.
These essays, conversations, poetry, and songs about the secrets of Taoism teach how to live a centered and orderly life.

Practical Taoism.
A collection of the most accessible of the texts on inner alchemy.
Vitality, Energy, Spirit.
This comprehensive anthology traces the teaching on the "three treasures"-vitality, energy, and spirit -through the long history of Taoism.

The Secret of the Golden Flower.
A lay manual of Buddhist and Taoist methods for clarifying the mind. This text describes a number of helpful meditation techniques, but its central method goes deeper than meditation, getting to the root source of awareness itself.

Immortal sisters.
The writings and poems of six distinguished Taoist women adepts writing between the fourth and twelfth centuries, including the legendary Sun Bu-er. These trans­lations shed light on the spiritual methods used by these women and illustrate the prominence of the feminine in Taoism.

Awakening to the Tao.
Another treasure from Taoist adept Liu I-ming, this is a collection of 142 of the master's brief but admirably lucid essays on living according to the Tao.
The Taoist I Ching.
The classic "Book of Change" illuminated by the commentary of the eighteenth - and nineteenth-century Taoist adept Liu I-ming. The first part of the book is the text of the I Ching proper with Liu's commentary. The second part is Liu's commentary on two additional sections - known as the Overall Images and the Mixed Hexagrams-added to the I Ching by earlier commentators, believed to be members of the original Confucian school. In total, the book illuminates the Taoist inner teachings as practiced in the School of Complete Reality.

I Ching Mandalas.
A traditional program of study that enables students of the I Ching to achieve a deeper understanding of the meaning of this great classic. I Ching Mandalas presents diagrams as tools for whole-brain learning that help the student to visualize patterns and interrelationships among the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching.

Thomas Cleary holds a Ph. D. In East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. He is the translator of more then fifty volumes of Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, and Islamic texts from Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, Pali and Arabic-including the best - selling Art of War.

Shambhala Publications, Inc.
Horticulture Hall, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115.

Shambhala Publications, Inc.
Horticulture Hall, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115.
The Taoist Classics
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